An Album Cover comes my way

Joj and Ed Delsinki .jpg

While on The Reef Tours my camera was always with me, with most shots now part of an archive of special memories.

One of those memories lives in Craig Johnson, our 'sound guy' who was so much more. Court Jester, Wandering Minstrel, the depths in Craig began to show way back when we met doing Musica Surfica in 2007.

Since the Reef, where he joined us both as part of the crew, and later, as one of our Rock God's, his career as an artist has started to accelerate in the form of his stage persona, Delsinki. A call out of the blue a few weeks back, chasing shots for a soon to be released album, led to two of my shots being key images for the release. Both are featured here, the cover and the back page. The small grave remains a mystery, while the two chaps looking a little lost are in fact Jon Frank and Ed Saltau, collaborators supreme, waiting for 'the light' between takes at Red Bluff, during The Reef.

Mick Sowry