Several years back I conceived Great Ocean Quarterly, a journal of the sea affected life.

Without partners an idea is nothing. With the brilliant Jock Serong as editor, and force of nature Mark Willett taking up the commercial reins, we had a monumental bash at making something wonderful. On hold at present as we regroup to 'come up with a plan' we still have a follower base worldwide hoping it is a good one.

Expect the Great Ocean Annual next year.

As a partner in Southern Ocean Publishing I have built, with Jock and Mark, seven editions of the Quarterly. My role as Creative Director included editorial collaboration with Jock, design, the actual build of each issue, illustration, typography, calligraphy, writing,  pre-press and print production.

Other publications designed under Cobalt Blue include Fire and The Story of Burning Country, by Peter McConkey, and The Kinglake Cookbook, a story of redemption through cooking in a disaster zone, by Chris Owen.

Great Ocean Quarterly

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The Kinglake Cookbook

In the aftermath of the 2009 Black Saturday fires Chris Owen established, at his own expense, a relief kitchen as part of the disaster relief effort. A redemptive experience for both himself and the residents, it affirmed the sense of community, and helped quench a few demons within Chris as well. Writing this book using recipes developed up there, recipes delicious, inexpensive and simple, with guidelines on how to shop and cook on a recovery budget, turned it into a bestseller.

The illustrations by the brilliant Dean Gorissen won awards internationally.

Fire and the Story of Burning Country

All Photography in Fire and The Story of Burning Country: Peter McConkey

All Photography in Fire and The Story of Burning Country: Peter McConkey

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Photographer and author Peter McConkey has lived and worked with the people of the Gulf Country for many years. He speaks language, is initiated and marked. His deep connection comes through in this book, which was an enlightening experience for me. Working always with film, Peter's years in these remote areas have produced a deep body of work, with Fire being his most recent publication.