Since my first good SLR that accompanied me on the Traveller's Trails many years ago, I've never been without a camera. My photography has been influenced by the great photographers I've worked with, followed, or become friends with over the years, and in my own journey as an observer. Since moving to the coast this has grown to a near obsessive late-in-the-day visit to places of grand light and great beauty, or vice versa. We're lucky here. 

Following some personal favourites, and then a carousel that will be periodically updated. All work is available as archival prints. 

Leaving the water during a huge swell at Bells Beach, the slow shutter speed and swinging hand evoke Nosferatu, the Vampire.

Can you hear it?

Can you hear it?

Broulee, Southern NSW.

This little knoll is so non-descript in reality but gives me much joy as I revisit it over the years.

Out on a walk.

The merry dance begins.

Storm at Bells.