Mick Sowry
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The work in this overview covers a variety of disciplines, within the advertising industry, and well outside. In 2005 I decided to see out a few dreams. Since then I've managed to both confound myself and do things I never imagined. Now I mix art and industry, and this is my avenue to making that recipe work.

"Mick Sowry is one of those guys who is just properly talented. A man of the old school, who knows about the new school, and what makes both tick. Carries around a well travelled Moleskin embellished with the most beautiful illustrations of cool ideas and lovely creative meanderings. Use him in the right way, for the right gig, and you'll be richly rewarded."

Mike Bollen - Helsinki Agency


"The fact that nearly 15 years later I happily find myself writing these words is, within itself, testament to Mick Sowry as a man. I believe empathy is an entirely vital ingredient in translating and sharing ideas. Be that as a teacher or a communications professional. 

Empathy is gold. We cannot share unless we connect.

And it is this skill or even innate capacity, that I think sets Mick apart from so many teachers, lecturers and speakers I have had contact with during my life.

Do I remember the intricacies of what he taught me all those years ago? Not really, no, but I do remember how he made me feel. And I think that is absolutely more important than any lesson one can teach. To feel a sense of optimism and value and possibility. All values, as it transpires, that I impart daily onto the global brands I am entrusted to advise".

Angus Johnston - Venables Bell and Partners - San Francisco


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